lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Marcampo e Giusto alle Balze in verticale a Volterra

Marcampo 2011. Medium pale ruby, spicy and cherry on the nose, ripe cherry flavour, medium high acidity, youth sweet tannin, quite high alcohol (14%), lead pencil and dark tobacco in aftertaste.

Marcampo 2010. Deep ruby, fruity and leathery nose, cherry, light tannin, good acidity, lively sangiovese flavour and aftertaste.

Marcampo 2009. Deep garnet hue with a pale rim, intense spicy nose because of leather and tobacco, foxy, aromatic herbs, smooth tannin, very high natural acidity, balanced alcohol. (Merlot 70 sangiovese 30).

Marcampo 2008. Dull garnet, dried plum, blackberry marmelade aroma and flavour, quite harsh tannin structure.

Marcampo 2007. Deep garnet, cherry marmelate on the nose, round palate with good acidity and balanced alcohol (13,5%), good lenght.

Giusto alle Balze 2011. Deep ruby, floral rose aroma, vanilla, cherry, lead pencil (clay soil), sapid on the palate, firm but ripe tannins, balanced acidity and high alcohol.

Giusto alle Balze 2010. Deep purple, restrained, fine leather, fresh cherry, plum flavour, vanilla and coconut (NFOak), firm youth broad tannin, balanced alcohol. Outstanding.

Giusto alle Balze 2008. Deep garnet, cola, ripe nose with undergrowth, Marmite, leather, ripe tannin, refreshing acidity, balanced alcohol (13,5%). Drink now.

Giusto alle Balze 2007. Deep garnet, fine and restrained on the nose with a balsamic swiff, tabacco and foxy flavour, smooth tannin, high acidity, good lenght. Blic.

Giusto alle Balze 2006 (unofficial). Deep garnet, ripe foxy nose, coffee's candy, very ripe tannin, quite high alcohol, more sapid than acidic. Better palate than nose.

Notes: Marcampo (50% sangiovese e merlot) 10+iva Giusto alle Balze (100% merlot) 16+iva. Portinnesto 1130. Deep clay soil. Warm dry climate.

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